Meet Lulu, a female – Staffy (4.5 years) with Courtney her human



Note: the ‘Validation’ process in Faye’s sessions is evidence that Faye is genuinely communicating with the animal. She knows nothing about the animal except breed and age – and only has a photo to refer to.

Lulu is anxious about a move that will be happening soon. She is also anxious about her puppies who were taken away from her (before living with Courtney). Lulu was a rescue animal, once abused by a previous owner. She is very careful around men.

Courtney offers her broccoli and beans, but she doesn’t eat them (doesn’t like them), but is keen on red meat on the bone! With that said, Lulu goes off her food and vomits a lot when she is anxious.

Courtney confirms – Yes:
• A move is happening soon
• Her puppies were taken away when she was in rescue care (she had a miscarriage due to the stress, they were taken away)
• Yes, I rescued her
• She was abused by a previous owner who was a man and still tends to avoid men
• She used to get red meat and bones but not for a very long time (re: health issues)


• How best to help Lulu when we all move interstate?
• How do we stop the vomiting and digging?
• What was her life before coming to me?


Lulu is anxious about moving and doesn’t want to be ‘left’. This comes from her past, before Courtney, where she was left/abandoned. Another reason she sometimes has anxiety is because as a puppy she was taken from her Mum too early, then mistreated and abandoned by a previous owner. She also picks up on Courtney’s worries and surrogates for her.

Lulu is eating fast due to past experience when abandoned and homeless. She used to scavenge for food and eat quickly “ before someone else takes it”. It is also related to anxiety around the forthcoming move.

This is sometimes due to boredom, sometimes to anxiety. Lulu was particularly anxious when Courtney would leave her with friends, because of her fear of abandonment.

Higher up leg the bone feels weakened/ fragile, so when she runs (she loves to run) it feels like the tendons/muscles pull on the bone and that makes the bone sore. She was hit there by someone before ending up at the Pound. It has remained a weakness. The pain is not all the time – Lulu doesn’t want an x-ray. But Faye strongly suggested to Courtney to take Lulu to the Vet to confirm this
*Note: Faye can’t diagnose physical health problems, only the vet can do this.


Lulu’s ultimate bliss is to be with Courtney, who she trusts implicitly. Her favourite places are in car with Courtney, or on her lap – or close by, at least. Good for both Lulu and Courtney to just hang out and relax together. But when Courtney is thinking or worrying too much it’s too intense for Lulu. When Courtney is upset Lulu will also be upset, as Lulu is very sensitive and connected to Courtney.

If Courtney is going out tell Lulu where she’s going, how long you’ll be away and when you are coming home (telepathy).
Needs to be told where she is moving to (doesn’t like the ocean – had a bad experience with abusive owners in a large body of freshwater, much prefers grass) and that she will be driving up with you.

She wants to be around puppies (gives her the satisfaction of ‘nurturing’…. Something she wasn’t able to experience before)

Let her run in large grassy park, but also make sure she can see you.
Keep dressing her in jackets and jumpers because it makes her feel loved, but no raincoat as she likes the feeling on rain on her fur.


Lulu is very happy in her new home. They now live two minutes from the beach. She only goes in shoulder deep but she absolutely loves the water and playing on beach – she is the happiest Courtney has ever seen her.  Courtney found the session with Faye helped her get clarity on a few issues offered peace of mind.  “Faye really did get into LULU’s beautiful little head, and she was spot on, right from the get go!”

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