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Meet Buddy, Cavoodle (JOY is his human)



Note: the ‘Validation’ process in Faye’s sessions is evidence that Faye is genuinely communicating with the animal. She knows nothing about the animal except breed and age – and only has a photo to refer to.

Buddy loves being praised/noticed but his mind is busy, as if he can’t focus on one thing at a time and he gets nervous easily and displays that as bold, high-energy behaviour where he can’t think straight. He loves cuddles, time with, and talked to, by a young boy (almost like a confidante). Buddy doesn’t like being by himself and displays separation anxiety. He definitely has a rapport with cats.

(Joy confirmed the above and the young boy is her son)


Our major concern is he’s started eating his poo and doing his toileting in the house too. We want to know how to handle this.
Also want to know about his digestion. (Vet checked and nothing wrong)


Buddy’s brought a lot of anxiety and nervousness with him from when he was a very small puppy (now 7mth old). He was separated from his mother and other siblings early. So he didn’t get the training, bonding and attention he should have from his birth mother. Buddy has come from a past where he just wasn’t taken care of properly. Hence, the nervousness.

Buddy needs to be weaned off the plastic pee pad when it’s inside. Giving him the option to do his toileting on the pad outside on the paved patio, out front on the grass, at the park – but not inside the house. Leave the pad on the patio and let him out there, when needed. Give Buddy plenty of praise and positive reinforcement while training him. Once you have developed the routine and don’t make the pad accessible to him inside, he will eventually understand.

One of the reasons Buddy loves being around Jordan is because you have such a “chilled”, peaceful presence. He’s so hyperactive and you bring him peace. Buddy also likes cats for their quiet and peaceful natures.

Buddy’s always trying to prove himself. I know he came straight to you from his birth place but, as mentioned, his beginnings were not normal for a new puppy.  Being separated from his mum too early meant he didn’t get the milk he needed nor the snuggling with his siblings. So he’s very emotionally insecure. Buddy’s high energy, the running and jumping on you, is because he just hasn’t quite ‘got it’ that this is his home. He’s asking, ”Can I relax? “Do they love me?”.

This seems to be from the need to have “something to do” Buddy’s definitely wanting to be entertained and engaged. So by giving him a bone to chew would alleviate some of these feelings. Even when you are home, he can feel he’s not the centre of attention. Because he didn’t get any real attention before coming to you, now he expects it continually. Once the toileting problem is under control and the separation anxiety subsides, I believe he won’t have the same need to eat poo.

Buddy has a nervous stomach due to his insecurities and not liking to be left alone, etc. The digestion is affected through anxiety dating back from his young puppy days of not getting enough to eat.  Buddy had to eat fast to get enough. He’s wanting to chew.  So a bone would keep him engaged and keep him calm.

You might also try a Kong toy to put some dry chicken breast or hard food in it, this may stop him getting bored and less inclined to find other things to destroy and get into mischief. He won’t feel so lost or insecure being by himself then.

When Buddy wants to run and play his mind is scattered. So it may be best to have a few one-on-one lessons until he becomes more focused and less distracted around the other dogs. Then you can take him to the group training.

I feel some kind of soft toy, teddy bear or blanket that he can bunker down with would be good for him – at least until he’s more secure and comfortable with being by himself. This is particularly the case when you leave for hours and when he goes to sleep at night. I get the sense that he LOVES CUDDLES – really LOVES them. And again, he didn’t have this while in the puppy litter.


  •  Needs a routine and focused training
  • He needs something to keep him engaged
  • Wants a bone to chew
  • Soft toy for comfort when left alone
  • Give lots of cuddles


“There’s no more poo eating and his routine has settled in. A few ups and downs but I guess that’s to be expected.  He was so much more settled especially the two days after the session with you.  He’s now quite settled downstairs, as well.  Having the communication with you and Buddy has given us peace of mind and a much happier and settled ‘Buddy’.
I am glad to have taken the ‘3-Pack’ because I will need to prepare him for when we go on holidays to help him feel more comfortable and not anxious about being minded in our absence”.

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