30 Min.  Consultation

NOTE:  If you are using GMAIL,  YAHOO or HOTMAIL please ADD my email address into your contact list.  Sometimes a client does NOT receive my initial email regarding days/time of a session…. perhaps it is a client’s security that stops my email from arriving. You could also check your JUNK mail.  If you haven’t heard from me within 24hrs please call me, so I can help                0433 331 663

I will initially connect intuitively and telepathically with your animal gathering information it wishes to share. This is a first connection allowing you to validate that information giving you peace of mind that the answers to the questions you ask are genuine and from the animals perspective.    Animals often have valuable information about how to solve problems.  Please have your questions prepared before your session.
It’s an amazing experience to be open to hearing what it is our animal friends think of us and giving us ways to improve their situation.  Sessions are by phone or ZOOM, you don’t need to do anything as I will send a LINK that you simply ‘click’ and we are connected.  This includes a recording of our session sent to you at the conclusion.
**Please upload a “current photo” of your pet showing his or her eyes.
***In the case of a pet that has passed over, a photo taken as close to his or her passing as possible.

NOTE: Deceased Animals
If  you wish to contact your deceased pet then please write (Deceased) after their name, in the booking form.